How many exhibitor passes will correspond?

  • 4 by exhibitor + 2 for each module 16 m.

Where do I apply and collect exhibitor cards?

  • You can request your exhibitor card sending an e-mail to To pick, Go to the office of Treasurer, located in the office building, on the ground floor access by the North Forum.

How to apply assembly passes?

  • The assembly passes are obtained by a application form service (available soon).

Where are collected up passes?

  • In the office of Assembly, next to the Treasury Office. North Access Forum

What are the hours of the fair?

  • Wednesday 22 th and Thursday 23 th May 10.00 a 19.00h.
  • Friday 24 th May 10.00 to 15.00h

Is there public transportation to get to the Fair ?

  • Bus: Line 62 (approximate frequency, 20 minutes.) To the main entrance of Fair.
  • Tram: Line 4. To the main entrance of Fair.
  • Metro: Line 2. Station “Carolines FIRA-” (approximate frequency, each 15 minutes.) where a shuttle bus awaits free to bring you to the door of Fair and vice versa.
  • TAXIS: They can be ordered by telephone at the numbers: 963571313 / 963703333 / 961385500