Build 100 Complete niches in a week is possible

Bosisio is a Funermostra 2019 to present a product that will revolutionize the market. This Italian family company founded in 1911 and which it has a century of experience in the funeral industry, He has developed skills and knowledge that enable them to give customer service from design to after sales support.

In recent 20 years have made over 50.000 and columbarium niches in 400 municipalities in Italy and England.

its niche patented fiberglass Q-Box replaces the concrete. With this as innovative, prefabricated ossuaries can be made in the cemetery in no time. Por ejemplo, with this material could build more than 100 full frontal marble niches in less than a week. The Q-Box optimizes space in the cemetery and significantly reduces the weight of the ground structure.

Also, this product Innovative meets the requirements of Sanitary Police Regulations Headstone of Spain.