The 98% of funeral companies carry out CSR actions

Panasef presents the report of the Funeral Sector on Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The 74% of companies already use biodegradable materials such as certified wooden coffins, biodegradable urns and electric cars
  • The 100% of companies perform charitable funeral services
  • Free support for the grief of families is still key for most companies

16/09/2020 - The 98% of funeral service companies associated with PANASEF (National Association of Funeral Services) perform some type of CSR actions, according to the Corporate Social Responsibility Study 2020 presented by PANASEF and prepared by the independent consultancy Likeik,

Among the most outstanding CSR actions are those related to environmental protection. The 74% of companies already use biodegradable materials with less environmental impact to reduce pollution to the maximum. Certified wood caskets, Biodegradable urns, incorporation of electric cars and other actions add to the work undertaken several years ago to reduce the impact of the sector on the environment. The study also highlights the free support for the bereavement of families and charitable services as other key actions for the sector. By Autonomous Communities, Catalan funeral service companies are by far the most committed to society.
The sector's commitment to the environment is clear, and its commitment to biodegradable and less polluting materials is widespread in most companies. The greatest effort is devoted to crematorium ovens with the reduction of electrical energy, and the installation of filters to minimize the emission of toxins into the atmosphere. With 442 scattered throughout the territory, Spain is the European country with the largest number of ovens. According to a study by Marsan Ingenieros, the furnaces belonging to PANASEF comply with the emission limits and compared to other activities, the annual emissions of a crematorium represent the same polluting particles as those emitted by fifty smokers a year, and those from four furnaces are equivalent to those emitted by seven diesel vehicles.

The funeral sector has continued this effort to actively reduce its environmental impact, also betting on eco-funerals, in which the materials are biodegradable not only the ballot boxes, also certified wood coffins from controlled logging and reforested areas, with water-based varnishes that pollute less, cotton interior upholstery, eco-friendly ornaments and dresses for the deceased, reducing the plastic of the facilities and offering gardens where to deposit and spread the ashes. Another action that is increasingly applied is the progressive incorporation of electric or hybrid vehicles to the fleet (22% of the companies) and the commitment to solar energy (15%).

Social benefits and support for families

According to the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility 2020, behind the environment, The most important actions are charitable services and measures to support the families' grief, making psychological help available free of charge., or the organization of monthly meetings to help manage the loss. In total, un 62% of PANASEF companies carry out actions in this area with Support Spaces, accompaniment, or even telephone attention 24 hours a day.

The actions of funeral homes in the field of social benefit are also widespread, not only with aid to finance services for families with fewer resources., but also with social actions outside their own activity collaborating, for example, with food banks, with geriatric residences, with NGOs, as well as with public bodies and social institutions. Also here the 62% of companies carry out or are willing to carry out actions of social impact to benefit the less favored.

Regarding the business field, un 54% of companies carry out actions to improve work-life balance.

By Autonomous Communities, Catalan funeral service companies with 207 actions are the most active accumulating the 27% of the total CSR actions in the sector. Only this community and the Basque Country with 80 shares are above the national average, located in 78 Actions.