“And Funermostra 2021 we will show our business evolution through our best products "

We speak with Juanma Insa, owner of the hearse company Vio Europe, will be present at Funermostra 2021, to be held in Valencia Fair 20 nd to 22 October.

The last few months have been affected, irretrievably, for the pandemic. How has it affected your company? In what situation are they?

The pandemic has affected us all both personally and at the company level. We had to close and it was not an easy decision. But now we realize that we did the right thing.

Work slowed down a lot and we were very scared, like any other company, but little by little things are fixing, and we have work. Our current situation, is good. We have recently opened new facilities and are eager, job, and effort, we are doing little by little.

What are the pillars of your company and its strengths in the market?

We are a family business and although we are growing little by little, I think it's a very good base, try to have a close relationship with our clients and try to improve day by day.

What do you think is the evolution of the sector in the short-medium term?

For our part, we see that after the pandemic it has evolved favorably, and that little by little everything will return to normal. Hopefully in the near future we can all move up significantly and thus recover and even improve the sector.

What news are you preparing for the next edition of Funermostra 2021?

In principle for us, having a fair and being able to attend is enough. We will go with our best products and so that people can see our recent evolution reflected in the best way.

What role do you think fairs such as Funermostra?

It is important to gather and have meeting points both in this sector and in any other. It is a good way to make ourselves known, and in this the fairs must play an important role. For this, these types of events are held.