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Download the commercial dossier to know in detail the objectives of Funermostra 2021. If you are interested in participating, send us the completed application form.

To know the available spaces and to obtain a budget of the cost of your participation, get in touch with:

The scene of change

> Present solutions to the questions of the sector in a period of change.
> Show the new products to face the social change experienced after the pandemic.
> Show the looming future trends the industry is heading towards.
> Open new markets and new ways of doing business both nationally and internationally
> Connect with your target audience and present socially responsible products and alternative models that can adapt to new needs
of the sector.
> Funermostra 2021 It will be the scene of change and the necessary meeting point for the evolution of the sector.



106 firms (2019)

Exhibitors origin

Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, China, Germany, France, Argentina, Bélgca, USA, Mexico, in addition to Spain



2.418 professionals (2019)

Visitors origin

Foreign Visitors 44 countries. main: Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and Spain


Arcas, polls, entities of funeral services; Insurers; body shops; printing mortuary; articles funeral homes; facilities and thanatopraxia; granite, marble, tombstones and sculptures; ovens crematoria, costumes; oral ornamentation; hardware and upholstery; autopsy tables and refrigerators; products chemicals; facilities of funeral homes; cemeteries private; memorial spaces; entities and organizations and computing for services funeral homes and cemeteries ...


4 by exhibitor + 2 for each module 16 m2

You can request your exhibitor card by sending an e-mail to funermostra@feriavalencia.com. To pick, Go to the office of Treasurer, located in the office building, on the ground floor access by the North Forum.

Assembly passes are obtained through a service request form (available soon).

In the office of Assembly, next to the Treasury Office. North Access Forum.

Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20 th May 10.00 a 19.00h.
Friday, May 21, 10.00 to 15.00h

• Bus: Line 62 (approximate frequency, 20 minutes.) To the main entrance of Fair.
• Trolley car: Line 4. To the main entrance of Fair.
• Metro: Line 2. «CAROLINES-FIRA» Station (approximate frequency, each 15 minutes.) where a shuttle bus awaits free to bring you to the door of Fair and vice versa.
• TAXIS: They can be ordered by telephone at the numbers: 963571313 / 963703333 / 961385500

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