Funermostra opens with the funeral industry on the rise: "There are more competitiveness"

  • The funeral industry shows until Friday at Feria Valencia the latest developments in a business that has an annual turnover 1500 million.
  • The exhibitors at the fair say it is a must to show new appointment and presence in the sector.
  • The event has been visited by the Director General of Trade and Consumer Affairs today, Natxo Costa.

Feria Valencia today opened the fifteenth edition of Funermostra Natxo hand Costa, Director General of Trade and Consumer Affairs. They have doors open the event reference products and services country's largest funeral, due to take place from 22 nd to 24 in May pavilion 2 level 2 enclosure.

The funeral industry, billing around 1.500 million, he He has gathered in what is its most important national appointment and one of the most relevant internationally. "It's a great showcase to not to lack", asegura Ruud van Beurden, director of the Dutch company Funeral Products, that makes custom urns and jewelry Fingerprint to keep the memory of loved ones. Ensures that comes whenever you can because it is an opportunity to showcase their innovations and see all her customers at once.

"Funermostra is a showcase nationally and internationally", added from Sortem, one of the exhibitors at the fair that comes from Barcelona and what, among other, manufactures biodegradable urns. For them, This fair is a business opportunity whose greatest value is the fair return post. secure the quality exhibitor is growing. "This means more competitiveness and, so, best products, making industry improve and grow ", they say.

Although no official figures yet, the number of visitors to Funermostra is positive and that's the feeling with exhibitors. "The result is good and there are still two days ", says Antonio Ruiz, manager the company Ramon Chao, Funeral solutions company that has more than 100 years of history.

From Divina Aurora, largest maker of chests across the country with origin in Xativa, They think that is the most important fair in Spain. "Valencia is My Fair ", RECOGNIZES Felix Bridge, Company President. From Sortem added: "Either you are or you do not exist".

morning 23 May, Funermostra continue to show professionals the latest digital developments, ecological and innovative industry. will place, also, interesting lectures such as the naturist Joaquín Araujo, who will talk about sustainable cemeteries. delivery will also be held awards for best stand and innovative product during the gala as usual Funermostra.

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