Eduard Vidal: “Funermostra is the place to share ideas and take the pulse of entrepreneurship”

Ed Vidal 443Q0460retocEduard Vidal, Group Vice President Mémora, speaks in this interview about the next show, due to take place from 22 nd to 24 May in Feria Valencia.

– The International Fair of Products and Funeral, Funermostra, celebrating their next edition at Feria Valencia from 22 nd to 24 May, again be sponsored by a leading group as Mémora. What relevance does the show as a forum for industry professionals?

No doubt that Funermostra has been established as one of the leaders of the funeral industry fairs Spanish and European. Given the size of the event and the importance of participating companies, I am convinced that it will serve to expose the expectations of a sector, though naturally affected by the general crisis, resists thanks to the constant innovation in products and services offered to families and adapting to their changing needs. Moreover, Funermostra is the place to share ideas and take the pulse of the initiatives that many companies are undertaking. The fact that it is a biannual fair also increases the possibility of introducing new products and update the sector actually.

-What will show Mémora visitors and what goals have you set for this call?

Mémora Group is developing for years an intense Coporativa Social Responsibility (RSC) resulting in collaborations with institutions and organizations of various kinds. In this issue, want to show the results of these agreements the Group has become a benchmark in the industry in this area and in the interest to participate in activities that help break the taboo of death. Moreover, also show the latest developments in the design of coffins that develops brand factory Eurocoffin held by the Group and mobile refrigerated morgue ready to be used in disaster. After the opening there will be a drill along with other players using the facility.

-The exhibition "The other side of life" is one of the activities promoted by the Group Mémora Funermostra under. What will the visitor to see in this exhibition?

The traveling exhibition Art and Culture Funeral Mémora "The other side of life", part of that intense activity in CSR holds the Group. The visitor can see grave goods ranging from the Paleolithic to the present day. More than 100 archaeological pieces that try to explain how to understand death the various civilizations that have settled in the Mediterranean. Mémora Group is particularly pleased with the response in all the cities you have visited. Above 28.000 people have visited since and demonstrates the interest in death, an issue that, a priori, always seem to wake up a rejection.

-Clearly, one of the great attractions Funermostra edition will also be other activities sponsored by Mémora: a mock disaster with multiple victims. Can you tell us what is going to consist?

We continually receive impacts of media on the impact of major disasters. Mémora Group wants to teach the essential work of hundreds of professionals from diverse sectors and funeral industry professionals but have to work in concert to address the causes of the disaster, assess the impact on human victims of the accident and especially quick to respond to families who have lost a loved. Last year, Group organized the first conference Mémora Consular and Forensics in Madrid under the heading "Management of Major Disasters". On that occasion, highlighted the need for coordination of law enforcement, medical examiners, psychologists and funeral companies to respond to public opinion. Personalities of first order in their respective fields of study highly appreciated for a funeral meet in a space to all involved. This drill will be the plastic image of the presentations and the exchange of ideas that took place in Madrid.

-The funeral industry is not immune to the crisis, How do you see your future in the short term?, What are the unresolved?

Like all companies in any industry, We are very aware of the evolution of the Spanish economy in order to act accordingly. However, from the Group Mémora we are adapting continuously to the environment in which we develop. On the one hand, addressing the needs of families who request our services by offering products and services adapted to the new economic reality as the payment facilities; and otherwise increasing the professionalism, efficiency and versatility of our human resources in order to be more competitive and result in better service to our customers. Perhaps one of the challenges that deserve our attention in the coming years will be even better to keep the balance between the reality which is the growth in the Group's multinational dimension and prove Mémora, nonetheless, continue to offer a local service. That families can count on us even when death has occurred, in the full respect, confident and committed to innovation, our corporate values. I am optimistic and I am convinced that society in general and our industry in particular will be strengthened in this period of uncertainty.