Giuseppe Cesareo, CEO of AFC Cesareo: "Funermostra brings all the members of the sector closer together and restores the pleasure of a communication in person"


We interview the CEO of the company AFC Cesareo, that will be present at Funermostra del 20 nd to 22 October at Feria Valencia.

The last few months have been affected, irretrievably, for the pandemic. How has it affected your company? In what situation are they?

In the last two years, we were able to observe how productive times were not respected globally. Both shipping times and replacement times were fully affected and obviously the funeral sector was not exempt from this problem. AFC Cesareo is a large-scale production and distribution center, and that is why we have not had big problems, since we take care of the production and distribution of our own articles. We are committed to guaranteeing our customers stock, quality and punctuality on a small and large scale.

What are the pillars of your company and its strengths in the market?

AFC Cesareo is a company born in Italy, founded by my father Nicola Cesareo who has been present in the funeral sector for more than 40 years. I have grown up with the principles and values ​​that derive from the teachings that only a family can give, my goal is to maintain the same in each production and commercial process. Our main strength is that we are a direct production center, without intermediaries, which guarantees excellent quality merchandise at a competitive price and extremely short production and shipping times.

What do you think is the evolution of the sector in the short-medium term?

I think that in the short-medium term we will witness a worldwide reduction in the number of traditional burials. Thanks to cultural changes, environmental needs and ease of management processes, people will choose the incineration process.

What news are you preparing for the next edition of Funermostra 2021?

The novelty for the Funermostra edition 2021 will be our UrnHUb line of urns, brand of AFC Cesareo. UrnHub is positioned as a production and distribution center specialized in cinerary urns for humans and animals. We observe how in the funeral sector there is a strong change of course where cremation is constantly growing and the emotional value attributed to the funeral urn makes it an object of importance for society. We with UrnHub want each person to always have the opportunity to choose without any limitation the way of feeling close to their affections by paying homage to them with an UrnHub urn.

What role do you think fairs such as Funermostra?

A fair like Funermostra in a period like this can bring everyone in the sector closer together. It can restore the pleasure of an in-person communication and a business contract based on the word and handshake that are being lost in this age of digital communication..