IBERATAUD reports that the production of caskets in Spain has increased by 50% since the health crisis began

  • The IBERTATAUD association, formed by manufacturers of coffers in Spain, they stand in solidarity with the families and professional groups that directly suffer the pandemic.

The production of caskets in Spain has increased a 50% since the health crisis began. The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Wood Coffins and Derivatives, IBERATAUD, ensures that the supply to its customers has been and is assured throughout this crisis, although at the beginning of the crisis and due to the extraordinary situation, it took a few days to increase the templates, manufacturing shifts and optimize production. Thus, F, Spanish manufacturers of coffins, integrated in the IBERATAUD association, are demonstrating during the health crisis caused by COVID-19, his great responsibility before his clients and before the whole Spanish society.

According to IBERATAUD, in Spain it manufactures in normal situations many more coffins than the market needs to. "From the association we calculate that the 92% of the extra demand the Spanish manufacturers are attending and the rest are some companies Spanish that import coffins from China and Portugal ”. Likewise, they assure not there is risk of lack of supply of raw materials, except that this situation "lasted much longer".

With everything, when this crisis is over, IBERATAUD considers that “manufacturers Spanish will be affected by the new readjustments that this situation without precedents has required. "From the association and all its companies associated, as communicated from IBERATAUD, “It has been ensured to continue doing things correctly, complying with current regulations, as expected of a traditional but modern industry, prepared to deal with situations exceptional like this ”.

Before everything, IBERATAUD joins the pain of many families, and the difficulties that many people are going through, professional groups, companies and productive sectors, to whom you want to convey a message of encouragement and strength to keep going.

IBERATAUD welcomes the main casket manufacturers of Spain, and it is integrated in FEIM, the Spanish Federation of Industries of the Wood, business organization that brings together various productive subsectors related to wood and derived materials.