Jorge Horacio Bonacorsi: “I think practically everything has changed, I don't see this situation as temporary "

Funermostra interviews the president of the Argentine Federation of Funeral and Related Services Companies (FADEDSFYA), which gives his vision of the evolution of the sector since the beginning of the pandemic.

1. How would you summarize in a few words the response that the sector has given to the health crisis of covid-19?

In Argentina, the government took security measures in relation to Covid 19 quite successful since the beginning of the pandemic, closing borders, controlling quarantines and seeking to prevent the spread, but in practice what it did was to delay the arrival of the peak of contagion a bit. In the funeral sector the response was quick, guidance was sought so that we could protect industry personnel, mainly to those who are in the care of families.

2. Do you think that the media have reported fairly on the sector? Do you think that society has done justice to all professionals?

The media has adequately reported on precautionary measures, but they have been a bit messy in the area of ​​analysis of the situation, creating in some cases, a bit of confusion in the information issued,  mainly in some situations that gave the information process a character of political nuance.

In relation to professionals in the sector, I believe that initially society did not adequately value funeral management and with the course of the pandemic they began to understand the importance of these professionals and their role. They have not yet been given the value they really have in these types of situations, but the recognition towards them has improved.

3.  What three conclusions would you draw from the situation experienced during the Covid-19 crisis in the sector?

In my opinion I think it is a very important learning, that is making us value some very important items that until a few months ago we either did not value or we had them as normal. As an example: the freedom to come and go and the possibility of physical contact between various. Today we see that the value that all this has in our daily lives is really important, I believe that this situation will give us a new vision of how human beings should respect the environment that inhabits the world.

4. What do you think will change in the sector after all you have experienced??

I think practically everything has changed, I do not see this situation as temporary. I think this is a change of concepts in the provision of services, where from now on we must be more professional, more suitable to deliver greater added value in ceremonies and procedures every day in this sector.

From FADEDSFYA (Argentine Federation of Funeral and Related Services Companies) We are already thinking about the new regulations to meet market demands more effectively and safely for everyone.

5. Do you think the memorials will return? How will they be?

I think the memorials will be different, will possibly last less time, will be more personalized and will incorporate many more technological resources.

I think we are facing a radical change in the management of a company in the funeral sector, I think we will have different farewell events, that we will have to ask the families what they want to do for the transcendence of their loved ones from now on. A fine, I believe that we will have to renew our attitude of service to the community and start all over again.