KALFRISA: the last in the funeral market

In line with market trends funeral, KALFRISA It has developed a new model of high-capacity crematory, what You can cremate bodies of high volume and comes to Funermostra to present. It oven DUVAL-3, that a gate width enlarged (200 mm superior), allowing the introduction of caskets special wide.

Also, The new furnace design DUVAL-3 supports a internal energy recovery that achieves a reduction in fuel consumption. In the same way, the materials used in the manufacture of cameras oven make the burn time is reduced to the 75 minutes and capacity exceeding 5 cremations in 12 hours.

The oven DUVAL-3 incorporates serial devices necessary to control the level of oxygen in the afterburner, so that the regulations required to maintain a minimum is met 6% oxygen, Y minimizes fuel consumption by not introducing an excess of cold air postcombustor.

The first unit of this furnace is installed so successful in the Portuguese town of Leiria, through services firm funeral Servilusa, Group companies Mémora, which again relies on the experience and professionalism of KALFRISA.

KALFRISA right now is manufacturing in their Zaragoza facilities other two ovens model DUVAL-3, one for the domestic market and another for abroad, to be installed and put into short-term operation.

The oven DUVAL-3 reflects the momentum of improvement required by the market performance, consumption and very competitive price. Also, has been It designed that allow adaptation to emission standards more restrictive in a simple and effective, with optimum performance.