Year 2015 It is finished, according to the National Institute of Statistics, con 422.276 deceased, representing the highest number of deaths in our country since official data on them.
As for the crude death rate, there has also been an increase over the previous year. So, if during the year 2014 the gross rate was a 8,5 ‰, the rate of 2015 has been 9,1 ‰.
These data have meant that for the first time in Spain has been a negative natural growth, They have since died more people than were born (419.109 children).
However, en el año 2016 not being repeated this demographic trend. Según Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña, presidente de PANASEF, "Deaths increased during the year 2015 It was from our point of view somewhat cyclical. We do not believe that is a trend in the coming years as, during the first half of 2016, We have seen the number of funeral services has declined. Therefore, we believe this year's deaths in Spain are again placed around the 395.000 – 400.000 and the gross rate will be placed on the 8,6 per thousand ".
The increase in deaths over the past year again highlight the need for a national law to defend the rights of families and which take into account the health aspects of the funeral industry.