Miquel Trepat, president of AFCM: "We will be present at the fair with a stand that will be a meeting point and reference point for the public sector as a whole"

Funermostra interview with Miquel Trepat i Celis, President of the Association of Municipal Funeral Homes and Cemeteries (AFCM), who tells us how he sees the future of the sector and what activities he will have at his stand during Funermostra 2021, to be held from 20 nd to 22 October at Feria Valencia.

The last few months have been affected, irretrievably, for the pandemic. How has AFCM affected?

The pandemic, whose eradication we happily begin to look on the horizon, It has been an unprecedented effort for the entire funeral and cemetery industry. The sector has demonstrated its role of essential service to the community in exceptional circumstances prolonged over time, and all this with a great display of professionalism and sensitivity.

In addition to coordinating actions with the group of operators and with the administrations concerned, From AFCM we have incorporated resources and new procedures with which to alleviate the effects derived from legal restrictions on mobility or the presence of family members in the different facilities and spaces to say goodbye to loved ones. All our experience in this difficult period has been collected in an action guide that we presented months ago in a Conference with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

What is in this context the mission of AFCM?

AFCM since its creation and based on the enormous experience accumulated by the elected officials and professionals of the Town Halls and public and mixed companies that make up the association., works to extend the best practices to the entire municipality while offering dialogue and criteria to the different administrative levels in matters that are our own, with an eye always on public service and attention and adaptation to the changing needs of the community.

What news are you preparing for the next edition of Funermostra 2021?

In this edition, AFCM will be present at the fair with a stand that aims to be a meeting and reference point for the entire municipal public sector that manages funeral and cemetery services..

As most important activities, I would highlight the round table held on the day 21 October in relation to the future of cemeteries and the presentation of the guide to action in health emergency situations addressed to City Councils and Local Corporations that we have drawn up from the management experience accumulated in the most severe months of the pandemic.

What role do you think fairs such as Funermostra?

Sector fairs and congresses are an essential instrument for interacting with all operators, to update knowledge and exchange experiences, discover new resources, products or procedures and at my discretion, especially to analyze the needs and requirements of the recipients of the services offered. In this sense, Funermostra 2021 appears as an absolutely ideal framework to deepen the situation of the funeral and cemetery sector and its evolution, based on the changes that in one way or another the pandemic has generated and the evolution of society demands.