PANASEF, the National Association of Funeral Services, It has renewed its website ( creating a new platform aimed at all companies in the sector, as well as those who need to consult information on everything related to funeral services. The new site allows online consultations on issues related to the funeral industry: studies and reports forthe industry, courses organized by PANASEF, legislation affecting undertakers ...

The Corporate information It includes everything related to what and who compose PANASEF. They can access the code of ethics of the association, the relationship of associated companies and a tab for those who want to enlist in PANASEF can begin the process of online form. The service tab provides information about legislation, papers, training courses and links to companies and institutions in the sector.

Meanwhile tab Directory provides information on the location of crematoriums, morgues and funeral homes PANASEF member companies with direct links to Google Maps, to enable immediate location and for families in need, you can know where our funeral facilities.

Current events in the area you can access all the news about the sector, and the information disclosed PANASEF to media. The contents are constantly updated, so this It is a web "live" and in constant renewal.

In the new site play a very important role audiovisual content as a tool to describe the various services provided by the funeral industry. Among other features, el usuario puede acceder desde este apartado al canal de la asociación en Youtube en el que están alojados los vídeos sobre distintas temáticas: papers, training, institutional ads ...

With this new website, PANASEF offers undertakers a new communication channel for the entire sector as well as companies associated with PANASEF.