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Funermostra offers a complete program of activities,,es,ACTIVITIES FUNERMOSTRA,,es,VALENCIA CITY,,es,SUNDAY,,es,Urban Art Contest,,es,Gaude del Rio bore,,cy,In front of the Palau de la Musica,,es,TUESDAY,,es,May to SUNDAY,,es,MAYO,,en,Opening,,es,in the Palace Exhibition,,ca,This exhibition will bring together in one space,,es,the exhibition dedicated to,,es,and contest finalists,,es,Urban art,,es,Bye,,es,both driven by the Goodbye Cultural Magazine,,es,Albia driven photographic exhibition Funeral Services,,es,audiovisual project,,es, during the 3 days of the event.

Gala Dinner Funermostra 2019
The next 23 May the HEMISFÈRIC (City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia), Funermostra hold its "GALA DINNER".
An opportunity to network in a more relaxed way in a landmark framework.

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  • Thursday 23 May at the Hemisfèric.

XV Funermostra Awards
Awards are given XV Funermostra, where those proposals that are committed to innovation and research in the different professional sectors that make up the Fair show. These awards are divided into two different categories:

  • INNOVATOR ITEM: The product meets innovation characteristics whose launch is presented at the fair. It is important that was not even on the market and submitted for the first time in FUNERMOSTRA 2019.Para to compete in this category is necessary to mark in the application which is the mission and the differentiating value of the product on the market to be considered innovative.
    *Deadline to register the product: 13 to May 2019
Innovator itemRegister your innovative product
  • BEST STAND: Win the exhibiting company that according to the public deserves the prize, by design and / or functionality.

Roundtable PANASEF

Cristina Cantero discuss Fresneda Crisis communication at the stand of PANASEF. Cantero has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master in Economic Information at the University of Zaragoza. With 10 Years of experience, currently it deals with visibility and enhancing the reputation of companies and multinational organizations and to prevention strategies- protocols crisis, drills, training- and manage crises leading companies in various sectors.

It will join her Fernando Sánchez, Mémora responsible for marketing the Group since 7 years and director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the same. He was also responsible for communication Serveis Funeraris of Barcelona and is one of the referents of communication in the funeral industry.

For his part, Francisco Enríquez, Committee Chairman communication PANASEF, coordinate this interesting discussion in which different subjects related to communication in crisis will be discussed.

  • Thursday 23 May at 12.30 hours in the Plaza de PANASEF.

Joaquín Araujo Conference.

Joaquín Araujo is naturist, Writer, director and screenwriter, screenwriter, lecturer, farmer. Is, also, regular contributor to the 'Cultural Goodbye' Magazine in environmental issues. His lecture in Funermostra 2019 It will focus on new concepts of cemeteries. This paper will present what projects they are working in this direction and will are a particular case in which it is actively collaborating: Cemetery Garden of Alcala de Henares is called the Forest of Life.

  • Thursday 23 May at 11.30 hours in the Plaza de PANASEF

The four players in Family Business Succession
He del IESE Business School Professor, Alfonso Chiner, will discuss succession as the greatest challenge to be faced by family businesses. The will to continue as a family business must be accompanied by the decision to carry out a process of succession based on four actors: predecessor, successor, business and family. The session will address how to prepare in practice these four actors to successfully complete the process.

  • Wednesday 22 May at 13.00 hours in the Plaza de PANASEF

'Living with enthusiasm', a presentation by Victor Kuppers.
Victor Küppers, coach, writer and lecturer, Funermostra exhibited in a fun way, practical and emotional key fundamental to develop the potential of each person. his sessions, followed by hundreds of people, They revolve around human principles and values, the importance of fighting every day to be a better person and the need to live joyfully, delusion, enthusiasm, generosity and greatness of our personal and professional life.

  • Friday 24 to 12.00 hours in the Plaza de PANASEF

Conference Dario Loinaz.
How to mount a funeral chapel? Using new technologies in service? How to renew a mark in the sector without losing the original identity? All this talk Darío Loinaz, an international consultant in the funeral sector in 26 countries and author of several books on emotional marketing. Loinaz will give an interactive conference in which he will talk about the products that are most likely to make it onto the market,, how to export beyond Spain,, and how to apply new technologies to products and services. .

  • Wednesday 22 to 16 hours in the Plaza de PANASEF

Tasting rice
Memora and undertakers Provincial Guild of Valencia sponsoring this activity promoted by the Valencian cuisine through one of its most traditional dishes. This Mediterranean tasting dish par excellence will take place the second day of the Fair in Hall itself.

Techniques for craniofacial reconstruction
For his part, Union Funeral hand Manuel Martin, It gives an especially interesting talk for tanatopractores: 'Techniques craniofacial reconstruction'. It will show reconstruction techniques aimed at exposing the body and cover all the obstacles they face when restoring a corpse.

We will have guests from various countries. At the moment among which are Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico.