“Funermostra is the showcase where clients and institutions can meet us “

The commercial and marketing director of the Spanish subsidiary of SVELT, Carmen Alvarez, reveals to us what has been the evolution of the company throughout these months of pandemic and highlights that they will be at FUNERMOSTRA in October since the Feria Valencia contest “It is the showcase where clients and institutions can meet us and test and see the quality of the products we manufacture”.

The last few months have been affected, irretrievably, for the pandemic. How has it affected your company? In what situation are they?

Svelt is an Italian manufacturer since 1964 based in Bergamo for work at height solutions: ladders, scaffolding and elevators, the subsidiary for Spain and Portugal is in Asturias where we have had another production center since the year 2000 and warehouses to distribute products to Hispanic markets.

The pandemic surprised us all and changed our lives, we were at another fair in Madrid (SICUR2020) in February and we flew to COLOGNE -Germany to exhibit at another fair the 28/02 and there we joined staff from our Italian parent company at the same stand. I remember the call to cancel the fair in Germany, international movement restrictions and return home on Saturday 29 February with a feeling that the world was going to change.

The first week of March our founder Mr.. Antonio Agosta is admitted to a hospital in Bergamo with respiratory failure, without suspecting the seriousness or the concern that in a few days overwhelmed all the hospitals in the world, the 21 March passed away at 82 years as a result of the covid.

Svelt Italia was at the epicenter of the covid in Europe, the company closes to carry out a disinfection after having suffered a death and several infected employees and the entire Svelt family suffers the loss very closely but without being able to unite for a joint duel.

The InMemoriam funeral was held two months later in the strictest intimacy with the family and the rest of the family, friends , employees and customers we have been able to pay the well-deserved tribute to Engineer Agosta on 18 of March 2021 in the institutional act in memory of the victims of the Covid that the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi presided over to inaugurate the Forest of Memory in Trucca - Bergamo park next to the hospital where many victims breathed their last breath. Svelt had the honor of being part of this initiative in memory of our founder.


Now, without regretting more human losses, With the recovered personnel and taking all the safety and health measures to protect the staff, we are working normally, in shifts and with teleworking staff but the activity has returned to normal, we design, we manufacture and distribute hundreds of ladders, graveyard scaffolding and elevators, We are currently immersed in another battle that is the shortage of raw materials and instability in prices.

What are the pillars of your company and its strengths in the market?

The SVELT brand is associated with dynamism, innovación , quality and safety in work at height. We are manufacturers concerned and committed to the safety of our customers and therefore we actively participate in prevention and occupational safety forums to advise and help in monitoring the health of our users, the number of work-related accidents due to falls from height grows year by year and we are increasingly aware of the need to purchase ladders certified with the EN standard 131, But we go one step further and want to help you choose the right ladder for each professional and the workplace..

Cemetery jobs have grown a lot in recent years and we see a growing demand for our work at height solutions. Teams must allow undertakers, undertakers to be able to complete burials at height with total safety and with a guarantee of comfort and professionalism.

What do you think is the evolution of the sector in the short-medium term?

The funeral sector on the rise due to the figures of the pandemic we believe that it tends to a greater professionalization, Cemetery work requires standard or custom professional solutions that guarantee service, safety and maneuverability in often confined spaces.

We see more and more municipal and private services that invest in important items to supply approved stairs to cemeteries, since there are many individuals and companies (cleaning, floristerías, maintenance) that they should make use of them. Many times they are left out in the open and nobody watches over their state of conservation.

Svelt intends to do his bit to advise and report the risks of falls, the obligations to carry out periodic reviews of the means of lifting people in public places / private companies and raise awareness among the administrations and organizations involved in it so that they supply these needs with resources.

What news are you preparing for the next edition of Funermostra 2021?

Special products for cemetery work feature prominently in our new catalog 2021, in which we destined 6 pages to present a whole range of stools, ladders, scaffolding and elevators lifts and electric coffin machines for transfers from the funeral home to the niche.

The most innovative models with extras that facilitate the work of introducing the coffins in niches in height and ashes in columbariums will be presented at FUNERMOSTRA, some with caterpillar wheels designed for unpaved cemeteries or with slopes up to 16%.

What role do you think fairs such as Funermostra?

We as a new manufacturer in the funeral industry, since we have decided to bet on a growing market for our products, we consider it essential to make ourselves known at fairs, industry conferences and magazines, Specifically, we rely on FUNERMOSTRA to be the showcase where clients and institutions can meet us and test and see the quality of the products we manufacture, That is why we plan to go with a stand with an exhibition of products and technical information on all the news so that visitors can know our proposals.