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Vidriarte OPENS IN YOUR LINE FUNERMOSTRA Funerary art,es

Vidriarte is a living project,,es,evolving with the intention to disclose the properties of glass as raw material or finished product,,es,this time as a new offer tombstones or funerary art,,es,Our intention is to create trend towards a change of aesthetic discourse,,es,we are manufacturing a peculiar article,,es,Formal sensitive material that too often neglects the chromatic proposal and,,es,conditioning "theme" to the gray that adds to its nature,,es,We understand the funerary art as a creative act that deserves an updated review,,es,with a component filled with optimum properties to withstand temperature contrasts with the best results,,es, en continua evolución con la intención de divulgar las propiedades del vidrio como materia prima o producto acabado. With more

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