Tag: Obituaries and profiles,,es,It is presented for the first time,,es,as a leading company in the funeral sector under its name,,es,WWW.PRODUCTOSFUNERARIOS.ES,,es,We have a wide range of products to meet all the needs of industry,,es,such as products collected,,es,preparation of corpses,,es,cleaning and disinfection,,es,EPI protection,,es,chapels velación,,es,technical equipment for anatomic rooms,,es,Florists,,es,products for cemeteries,,es,councils,,es,etc…,,en,In our catalog we have,,es,Cremation Urns,,es,signature,,es,Pludra,,co,German leader manufacturer,,es,It is the only dealers nationwide,,es,polls references made by different raw materials,,es,such as wood,,es,ceramics,,es,cristal,,en,alabaster or copper,,es,At the same time we produce,,es