Mastaba ceramic urns

Mastaba is a family business with its own ceramic factory. A place where crafts are passed down from generation to generation. The company is also a producer of the ‘Celest’ ballot boxes., part of the FP-Originals collection.

“Here we continue to make the urns entirely by hand using a traditional casting method.,”Comenta con orgullo Rafał Sikorski, the owner of Mastaba. “A process that begins with the embodiment of a unique design, which is then detailed in a conceptual sketch. On this basis we make a plaster model that will serve as a basic form for all other products.. The liquid clay is then poured into the casting mold to dry.. When the clay is hard enough to be processed, we smooth the surface and place the urns in the oven to be subjected to a firing of no less than 900 °C. Finally we apply a layer of enamel and the urns are fired again, but this time at a temperature of 1.050 ° C. " The whole process takes between 4 and 8 days, depending on the type of varnish required, and no machine intervenes.

"We work with love for the trade, passion for the material and above all a lot of attention to details,”Rafał continues his story. "From the pouring into the molds to the decorative paint applied to the ballot boxes." And sustainability is essential. Therefore, we only use high-quality materials, as ecological as possible and we separate the ‘remaining waste’, even reusing them whenever possible. All this results in a precious and meaningful collection of urns in all aspects..

New to the Mastaba collection are the Motorcycle Helmet and Motorcycle Tank urns. These sturdy, rugged-looking urns, finished to perfection down to the smallest detail. A beautiful and tangible memory of a loved one.