TerryBear MDF and Metal Urns

Funeral Products is a Dutch wholesale company specialized in supplying urns and other funeral and memorial keepsakes to professional funeral homes.

The objective of the company consists, day after day, in being able to offer family members a unique lasting memory. The company has changed its approach to the world around us, collaborating with partners who pay attention to their employees, protect local production environments and meet environmental standards.

A good example of this Funeral Products policy is their partnership with TerryBear Urns & Memorials. This collaboration began in late 2019 after one of our old suppliers no longer met the requirements. A choice that in a short time has contributed a lot to the company, strengthening it in its policy for the future.

Each Terrybear urn is unique. Urns made with compassion, dedication and creativity using brass, aluminum and other high-quality materials, but also from MDF. Special exclusive designs, but above all, distinctive.

Quality products that proved to be an excellent addition to the Funeral Products collection. As for example the wide range of metal urns, all made with great dedication and passion in India by experienced local artisans. Brass Commemorative Products, aluminum and other high-quality materials, that stand out for their finish and sublime design, in many cases patented, with great attention to detail. And that take into account the human being and the environment, no concessions to quality or design.

The same can be said of the urns made of medium density fibreboard (MDF in its acronym in English). The design of these wooden urns is characterized by its simplicity and its current style, with very attractive prices. So, Funeral Products can offer an even broader assortment, with different materials for all budgets.