PANASEF confident that the reduced VAT IN SERVICES materializes FUNERAL IN BRIEF

Theat the request of the Government political parties of the VAT reduction in our sector last martesLa political parties request the Government of the VAT reduction in our sector we were held last Tuesday held

After numerous meetings and months of intense work by PANASEF and
members, the Finance Committee and the Civil Service of Congress formally approved
NLP (Proposition of law) reduced VAT for funeral services 10%. A
news has been welcomed by all companies in the funeral sector, since it is
a measure that is severely affecting families since 5 years.

Según Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña, presidente de PANASEF, "Since the year 2012, What is it
when the VAT increase occurs at 21% in our sector, We are working to
try to find a solution to a measure that we consider unjust. The increase in VAT is
mainly affecting families who have seen their bills increase between 300 and 500
euros in an essential and basic service, such as funeral services ".

PANASEF has requested on numerous occasions the reduced VAT rates in our industry and has
contacted different political groups to make them understand a situation,
from our point of view, It was unconscionable.

From PANASEF we still available political forces to continue working on the
same line as the Congress has requested. We believe that now is the time for the
reduced VAT materializes soon and families do not keep paying a situation that
we consider unfair”, comenta Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña.

One of the highest VAT in Europe. We recall that Spain, with VAT 21%, It is one of the European countries that levied on funeral services. Even, there are countries like Italy, Ireland and Portugal, whose funeral are free and not taxed VAT.

VAT invoicing
The funeral industry, according to the "X-ray of the funeral industry" presented by
Panasef, annual turnover 1.475 million. Therefore, if we consider the type
VAT tax levied on funeral services, the amount collected by the State
funeral industry for this item is over 300 million.