Lourdes Bernal: “Funermostra is a reference and generates an important activity in the funeral industry”

Lourdes Bernal, Cemetery Delegate Councillor of the City of Valencia, shows the institutional support Funermostra, will hold its next edition of 22 nd to 24 May next month.

Cemeteries Delegate Councillor of the City of Valencia, Lourdes Bernal, stressed the importance of Funermostra and its role as "referent" in the funeral industry. "Holding an event like Funermostra in the city of Valencia and its permanence and twelve editions, is a reference both nationally and internationally. This event generates an important activity in the funeral industry, both in terms of knowledge of the latest professionally and for the renewal of knowledge in the art ", explains.

Bernal, also, defends "Interest and significance" of Funermostra "So much for all funeral operators to the general public because it allows citizens to lose that curiosity so recurrent that prevents us from enjoying the quiet cemeteries".

Institutional presence in Funermostra

The competition, to be held from 22 nd to 24 of May next, host various initiatives promoted by the Department and the Department of Cemeteries of the City of Valencia, belonging both to the Organizing Committee of Funermostra.

In this sense, the munícipe explains that at the fair itself "Is called the next General Assembly of the Association of Municipal Cemeteries and Funeral Homes, Management Association is a member of the City Council since 2008 and where he will participate in that partnership forum ".

Also, Funermostra will host the photographic exhibition 'The sculptors of silence', in which, as advances Lourdes Bernal, "Performs a memory and tribute to all Valencia sculptors represented in the General Cemetery of Valencia".