“Bergadana is prepared to supply vehicles with electric motorization to the sector”

The climatic emergency forces us to change consumption habits both at an individual and business level. It is everyone's job to change the current trend in terms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and, clearly, the measures to adopt, today recommended, will be mandatory within a few years.
One of the sectors that will be directly involved with these new regulations of a legislative nature, will be the automotive; sector of great importance for funeral companies.

The XVI edition of FUNERMOSTRA that, among other objectives, aims to publicize the response of all those involved in the sector (funeral, cemeteries, providers, manufacturers, insurance companies ..) faced with this important challenge, It will be the place where one of the great bets of BERGADANA for funeral companies, that will mark a before and after in the transfer and transportation of the deceased: The electric hearse. We talked about all this with the general director of Bergadana, Natan Banyeres.

Do you consider that the sector is already prepared to assume the electrification of its vehicle fleets?
Responding from the point of view of a body company like Bergadana, the answer is yes; we are prepared to supply all the electric motorized funeral vehicles currently on the market, and those that may be in the future.

What has been the reason why you have not bet before on the bodywork of electric motors? In theory, most routes, except transfers, are less than 50 km.
In Bergadana we float electric funerals since the year 2007, but always conditioned to have the required vehicles and until practically today, have been limited by the lack of supply from manufacturers.

With what autonomy, in kilometers and / or driving time, they count?
Autonomy is still limited in most models, and is constantly evolving. Now, some of our models register autonomies of up to 370 km.

Although the autonomy of the vehicle is largely determined by the manufacturer, from Bergadana we are committed to the use of lightweight materials such as Thermoformed ABS for interior cladding, which contribute to the reduction of the body weight.

What is the battery charging time?
Charging time will vary depending on the manufacturer and the capacity of each battery. Setting an example, The Lumen incorporates a fast-charging battery capable of recharging from 20% nd to 80% battery in 90 minutes and a full charge of 11.5h

What average savings for each 100 km generates an electric vehicle compared to that of fossil fuel?
It is difficult to quantify this difference as there are many factors to take into account, In general terms and according to general studies we can say that an electric motor would mean a saving of between 600 and 800 euros per year compared to a combustion engine, taking into account a total of 15.000 annual km.
To this must also be added the maintenance costs and taxes that are lower in the case of electric funerals and the aid and subsidies that are granted in the purchase of these.

Does Bergadana have plans to expand the range to collection vans?
From Bergadana we have a Technical Office that works daily to offer answers to the new challenges that appear in the market. We currently have the capacity to transform most vehicles on the market into collection vans.

In the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries, the ban on the sale of combustion cars has been advanced to 2030. In the EU it continues with the date of 2040, although there are pressures to advance it to 2030 e, even, to 2025.… Therefore, little time left to change the entire fleet. Is there going to be a production problem to supply the demand?

To get to this moment, we are prepared to face any increase in demand. We have 4000m2 facilities inaugurated on 2019 dedicated exclusively to the transformation of funerals. The complete transformation cycle is carried out in this new area.

Will the funeral protocol or logistics change with the incorporation of the electric vehicle in the sector?
If the evolution of the autonomy of funeral vehicles continues to increase, logistics should not be affected; there will simply be a replacement of combustion vehicles by electric ones.

How has Bergadana worked for the promotion of electric mobility in the sector?
Bergadana has been a pioneer company in electric mobility within the funeral sector. Was the 2007 when we introduce the Electra, the first electric funeral.

Since then, our race for electric mobility is still active, working daily to provide greener and more efficient solutions for our customers.

To end, What is BERGANADA's relationship with FUNERMOSTRA?
Bergadana's presence at Funermostra dates back to the beginning of the event. It is a room in which year after year we take the opportunity to show the latest news in funerals. This year, if the pandemic situation allows it, we will present the new funeral Lumen, Bergadana's electric funeral car body on the vehicle Nissan Leaf.