“The future of wakes lies in online environments”

In a digital environment like today's, we speak with Rafael Baeza, director of expansion of VIVO RECUERDO, that anticipates some of the keys to the digitization of the funeral sector.

What is the origin of the company? Were they previously related to the sector funeral?

The truth is that we had no relationship with the funeral industry. We come from the image and audiovisual sector, working on the production of high-level corporate videos for companies, being for many years correspondents of TVE in Murcia. Vivo Recuerdo® was born as a result of a personal experience, the death of our father, Rafael Baeza Lopez. When our father passed away, Charo Baeza, current co-founder of Vivo Recuerdo, asked in the funeral home if it was possible to temporarily "place" on a screen in the room, images and memories of his life. He had a very exciting reception from all the friends and family, who stayed in front of the screen, remembering experiences and sharing smiles and tears alike. Something transformative and healing in such a hard time for us. This is how Vivo Recuerdo was born, with Charo Baeza along with Raúl Moreno as co-founders.

What does "The Window of Memories" consist of??

The Window of Memories® is an interactive visual panel that we install in funeral homes, at the entrance to the sailing rooms. It is the place where all the images and messages that family and friends upload from any digital device and from anywhere in the world are displayed. The Window of Memories® is a balm for family members who are in the room, it is a way of receiving the warmth and affection of those close to you. Behind there is a platform taken care of to the maximum detail and designed to make it easy to use by any type of user, with the added value of its control room as technical service and surveillance 365 days of the year.

These screens also, are from the prestigious LG brand of which, Vivo Recuerdo® has been a Partner and developer since the beginning of the project. We need high-performance monitors that can be working every day of the year with technical possibilities that a Smart TV would not provide us.

You have reached an agreement with LG Business Solutions for the digital transformation of the funeral sector How did this collaboration?

LG Business Solutions has always been our technology partner. Together we have managed to make a qualitative leap in the user experience in the funeral home. As a result of our close professional relationship, we were clear that the sector had latent needs to carry out a digital transformation. From this need our alliance is born, with the aim of bringing technological innovation to a sector so sensitive to evolve in the improvement of its services, now for the current situation and for the future. With this objective in mind, we built this Digital Transformation Program for the Funeral Sector in Spain.

What does LG Business Solutions and Vivo Recuerdo offer in this program?

A unique opportunity for the digital transformation of the funeral industry. Never before has this sector had such a significant opportunity, given the current situation we live in, now more than ever this digital transformation is more than necessary. Our agreement offers the possibility of transforming the sector by considerably reducing costs. Making available to the funeral sector 500 Windows Of Memories, that the funeral homes that wish may request, respecting the order of registration.

How can funeral homes access this program?

It is a limited program 500 Windows / Rooms throughout Spain. Due to this limitation, We have created a digital space for interested funeral homes, can access all the information. The website they should go to is LG.vivorecuerdo.es where they can request to join our digital transformation program.

“Funermostra is a perfect setting to present all our technological innovations”

Rafael Baeza, Director of Expansion of Vivo Recuerdo

Last year they were awarded the award for the best customer service at the “Business Excellence Forum” congress held in Mexico.. What did it mean to Vivo Recuerdo?

For us it is an important recognition of the team that makes Vivo Recuerdo® possible., in particular to the Control Room that is every day of the year helping the funeral homes in everything they may need. Finally,, both Charo Baeza and Raúl Moreno, co-founders of Vivo Recuerdo®, how the entire management team of the company, we know that any company that wants to grow, you must do so by putting your customers at the center, the attention given to them, the solutions that are provided, and customer experience. This was clear to us from the first moment, and indeed, this award is a symptom of it.

Is the future of wakes found in online environments?

Without a doubt. Not only because of the pandemic situation, or for the ones that may come in the future. We are in an increasingly globalized world, connected and nomadic. It is not unusual to find family or friends working in other countries, in fact, this increasingly points to be more frequent. This situation is what will make wakes have an increasingly growing digital participation as an alternative to the face-to-face experience.

Maybe nothing can replace giving a hug at times like these., but from our point of view, choose a good image and what the right words can convey, can reach the heart of the person who needs it. That is why we call Vivo Recuerdo "The technology that touches the heart". The world has been digitized by leaps and bounds out of necessity in recent months, but according to many studies, this will be nothing with the digital change that will come in the next 10 years.

Are you developing other technology products for the funeral sector?

We do not stop innovating, is in the DNA of the company. Of course we are preparing new ideas, services, products and tools that help innovate the funeral industry relatively easily. We are up to date with trends and behavior forecasts, technology and innovation in the coming years, thus, We work developing new products that meet the demands of a not-so-distant market, with the necessary anticipation so that this supposes a differential value in the companies that trust us, and to those who from here, I take this opportunity to thank you for your capacity for innovation and change.

What are the products that Vivo Recuerdo will present at Funermostra 2021?

A Funermostra 2021 we will present the new functionalities that we have implemented in our platform. In addition to "Digital Memories" a new final product for the client, complementary to our jewel in the crown "The Videolibro". Funermostra seems to me a perfect setting to present all our technological innovations, in fact, in may 2019, We chose Funermostra to make Vivo Recuerdo known to the funeral sector nationally and internationally, which was a great turning point for our company.