“A Funermostra 2021, We continue working on our products so that every day they are more sustainable and ecological”

We speak with José Antonio Moya, owner of Ecoféretros, that will be present at Funermostra 2021, from 20 nd to 22 October at Feria Valencia.

The last few months have been affected, irretrievably, for the pandemic. How has it affected your company? In what situation are they?

To our company, within how the affected indices have developed, we have not had direct infections, although we have had confined personnel until it has been resolved through PCR made at the request of the company, being negative results.

What are the pillars of your company and its strengths in the market?

Our pillars in the company is the human factor, since we have a specialized staff with the ability to adapt to the changes that the market may require.Our strength in the market is the good value for money that we offer to our clients. However, we have to comment that the increase in prices of raw materials, as well as the lack of it, has led us to endure it for months at the expense of our benefit. To all this, add the high cost of electricity supply, which directly affects production costs and partly structural costs.

This situation described (increase in raw material prices and increase in electricity) to persist, we would be forced to increase our prices to customers, being this discrepant measure in the policy of our company, since we establish a sale price for the whole year.

What do you think is the evolution of the sector in the short-medium term?

The evolution of the sector, in my opinion, is that if the value of raw materials and the lack of supplies continue to increase, the sector will be seriously harmed, since we work with very tight margins, and by passing on this increase in costs, we will finally harm the funeral directors and indirectly the end users.

What news are you preparing for the next edition of Funermostra 2021?

Mercedes coffins, S.L.U. and Ecofretros, S.L.U. from its origins, has developed a sustainable business policy committed to the environment and quality.

For this reason for the next edition of Funermostra 2021, We continue working on our products so that every day they are more sustainable and ecological.

What role do you think fairs such as Funermostra?

At a sectoral level, give more visibility worldwide by doing exhibitor campaigns and being able to provide us with potential buyers from abroad.