“And Funermostra, we are committed to sustainability and commitment to our customers "

Félix Pont, president of Divina Aurora

The last few months have been affected, irretrievably, for the pandemic. How has it affected your company? In what situation are they?

The pandemic has affected us like everyone else in the sector, although we have had an increase in sales, It has meant a higher cost in the manufacturing processes to be able to meet the great demand that our customers needed, who have been in the front line providing an essential and fundamental service for society.

We are in a very good disposition to face the next challenges that are presented to us so that our clients are every day more satisfied with us.

What are the pillars of your company and its strengths in the market?

The pillars of our company dating from 1948 are the ones that up to now have led us to be leaders in the sector: The satisfaction of our customers, the investigation, the technology, The sustainability, the circular economy and the management of our human resources.

What do you think is the evolution of the sector in the short-medium term?

How all statistical indices show, the sector will slow down in the short term due to the regularization of deaths that have occurred in excess during the pandemic, According to INE projections, an increase is expected in the medium term, by the increase in the population and by the evolution of the age curve itself.

What news are you preparing for the next edition of Funermostra 2021?

We will continue in the line of previous editions, betting on sustainability and commitment to our customers.

What role do you think fairs such as Funermostra?

Funermostra is the benchmark in the sector, and we hope that for our clients it may be interesting.