Funermostra closes its 12th edition strengthened as the main event of the sector in Spain

Funermostra, International Fair of Products and Funeral, Fair concludes today in Valencia, where for three days he has shown the ability to innovate in products and continuous improvement in service who stars in the funeral industry.

The contest closes its 12th edition strengthened as the main platform and meeting business sector.

The lack of official data, from the organization are confident they have equaled, if not exceeded- visitor numbers from the last edition. But, above all, highlight the quality of professionals who have come to sample.

"Beyond quantitative data, they are good, Most importantly those who came had to come: professionals with great potential, aware of the different points of the Spanish geography and international ", Funermostra president says, Miguel Escorihuela.

Among foreign professionals, explains the director of the show, Beatriz Colom, have prominent visitors from Italy, France, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Russia.

"Exhibitors have confirmed the good results and there are many who have made important contacts and closed orders", Colom explains.

Funermostra hopefully start working on your next call on continuing in quote regarding the funeral industry in Spain. Not for nothing, in the framework of the fair were held acts of great significance in the field, as the meeting at which PANASEF (National Association of Funeral Services) has renewed its Governing Board, which is again chaired by Juan Vicente Sánchez-Spider, and has been incorporated into three groups: Funespaña, Albia and Servisa.

The event has also had an extensive and interesting program of activities, by sponsoring-group firms and Funespaña Mémora- and collaboration of Giem Unik, Hygeco, Interfunerarias, Albia and the city of Valencia.

The festival director wanted to reiterate its gratitude to all these firms, "And to the exhibitors and visitors who, one year, have come to trust Funermostra ".