“FUNERMOSTRA is for INDUSAUTO a great showcase worldwide as well as an important source of new contacts”

FUNERMOSTRA, whose 16th edition will be held from 20 nd to 22 October 2021 at Feria Valencia, continues to present the novelties that its exhibitors will show during the event. In this case we talk to Vicente Giner, marketing director of Indusauto, which presents your firm's commitment to electric mobility also in the funeral sector: vehicle adaptation 100% electric Nissan Leaf.

What does it mean for Indusauto to bet on the electric vehicle with the presentation of the adaptation of the Nissan Leaf?
It is a major challenge, since it supposes that Indusauto is ahead of a trend, that, clearly, it's going to be the future.

What technical characteristics does this new vehicle present in terms of autonomy, ability, etc?
Indusauto has manufactured this model with a very innovative and somewhat daring design that represents a makeover with great interior capacity., this vehicle has a range of more than 300 kilometers depending on the orography of the terrain.

Have you had demand from your customers in the previous months regarding the electrification of your fleets?
Until recently, gave the impression that the electric car, at least in Spain, he still had a lot left, but it is true that in recent years progress has been made much faster than expected, so once our project is consolidated, yes we are checking the increase in demand, mainly in the capitals.

What are the advantages that this Indusauto innovation represents for the sector??
We understand that the Nissan Leaf Electric is another concept of hearse that offers certain substantial advantages over today's "traditional" vehicles such as economic savings in fuel and improvement at the environmental level. We could also highlight the sound absence of the engine, which contributes to increase the solemnity of a service.

With this launch, does Indusauto anticipate future regulations that tend to eliminate fossil combustion vehicles??
Evidently, as the electric car is incorporated into Spanish society, in turn, new regulations will be established to gradually dispense with the conventional car and it is a way for Indusauto to keep pace with new demands from the administration.

Do you think that the sector will bet on the electrification of its fleets in the short term?
If not in the short term, yes, in the medium term the change will be very noticeable, and in the long term, in a generalized way as the autonomy of vehicles increases.

Faced with this future scenario, Do you consider that the sector will be prepared to give a satisfactory response to the demand?
Clearly. All in due time, although there are already many companies that are equipped or in process so that their infrastructure has recharging points in their own facilities.

Moreover, Have you introduced other new features or improvements to your funeral vehicle catalog in recent months??
Indusauto constantly works on the evolution of all its products, adapting them to regulatory changes and the new needs of our clients. Our funeral carriages are built on vehicles of the main brands: Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ford and Nissan, by means of important previous engineering developments and using the technology of composites and materials of the highest quality.

What is the type of vehicle most demanded by the sector. In this sense, What are the options that Indusauto makes available to companies?
To date and for many years, Mercedes-Benz can take about the 75% of our production, followed by Ford, Jaguar, and in the coming months with the incorporation of Nissan Electric these percentages may change.

Nobody is aware that the pandemic and its consequences have had repercussions in all economic sectors. What is the strategy that Indusauto has applied to adapt to the new circumstances?
effectively, for some reasons or for others, the pandemic has negatively affected all sectors, with more or less repercussion, including the funeral sector, since in many cases, Such a substantial increase in deaths also affects this sector by organization, low staffing, deprivation of using funeral homes and crowns, etc, and this affects us bodybuilders as certain operations remain on standby, and our employees are also infected, shipping to our raw materials facilities slows down to keep working smoothly, etc, but little by little we are learning to alleviate and correct all these problems, increasing the forecasts at the global level of the company, although it is not an easy task, we are getting it little by little.

How does Funermostra value as a showcase for the exhibition of its novelties before the sector?
Evidently FUNERMOSTRA supposed for INDUSAUTO a great showcase worldwide as well as an important source of new contacts anywhere in the world, Well, as an international fair, funeral companies from all over the planet attend, to which we offer the possibility to contemplate and examine in situ all the models that we exhibit.