FUNERMOSTRA is the Reference contest in Spain for funeral products and services. It will hold its 16th call from 19 nd to 21 th May 2021 at Feria Valencia.

16 editions
International Fair of Products and Funeral
4.382 m²
Exhibitors (2019)
106 Firms
Exhibitors origin
Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, China, Germany, France, Argentina, Bélgca, USA, Mexico, in addition to Spain
Visitors (2019)
2.418 Professionals
Visitors origin
Foreign Visitors 44 countries. main: Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and Spain
Arcas, Funeral services entities; Insurers; body shops; Funeral printing; funerary items; facilities and thanatopraxy; granite, marble, tombstones and sculptures; crematoria, costumes; floral ornamentation; fittings and upholstery; autopsy tables and refrigerators; chemicals; morgues facilities; private cemeteries; memorial spaces; entities and agencies and information technology services and cemeteries funeral ...

The biennial show, recurrence biennial, It is one of the main events of the international calendar for fairs of the sector.Funermostra is a forum where industry professionals can do business, , learn an bring themseleves up to date with the latest news and developments. Exhibits, talk and seminars are the defining features of a dynamic event whre professionals come to share initiatives and concerns..