Mémora Group collaborates on a new edition of the National Congress of the Federation Lares

Mémora Group, first group in Spain and Portugal for funeral services, mortuaries, crematoria and cemetery management, has sponsored and collaborated again in the XI National Congress of Lares through outreach activities. The Congress of the Spanish Federation of Homes and Services for Elderly Care Sector Solidarity was held in Salamanca and has been attended by more than 520 professionals from all over Spain. The activities of the conference include workshops “Grief professionals” taught by Josep Paris, Director of Corporate Development Group Mémora.

The Lares XI Congress sets the target to joint efforts in the residential care of older people in Spain. This time the theme of the conference was “The value of each person” emphasis on carers and the community level where the activity revolves around the elderly. In this sense, workshop held by the Group Mémora Bachao objectives that Congress has set, as contributing to a reflection on the need to address psychological aspects of caregivers and are often in a second term.

Lares gathers 900 residences and day centers for the elderly where they live and are cared about 41.000 higher in Spain attended by 33.000 Professional and 9.500 volunteers in Spain.