S.L. Ferrero Guillen will present new fabrics in Funermostra

Aportando al sector de la industria fúnebre más de 120 tejidos, los clientes de Guillén Ferrero cubren cualquier necesidad en texturas, composiciones, pesos, anchos para el desarrollo y creación de sus productos.

Repeat attendance FUNERMOSTRA to strengthen and give support on those who are already customers today and, also to attract new ones.

Focusing on large format, the Valencian company is committed to marketing their fabrics in widths up 3,40 mtrs in order to be able to cover all markets and all customer needs. Channels like decoration, home textiles, sports in their broad fields, advertising, banderas, etc, are some of our markets.

The wide variety of structures, whose base is the Polyester 100%, Cotton polyester in various proportions, and Algodones 100%, getting optical targets on which to develop ideas and projects, They offer the security of working with a company with almost tailor solutions.

Permanent stock and lot of all tissues that are offered, allows us to quickly issue orders and our customers can pass this good work, a su vez, their own customers.

Click here to see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO-l8UUyI0k.