Coffee, urn cineraria manufactured al 100% with coffee grounds

The innovation presented by ECO INVENTAME COOP. V.. ash COFFEE, a cinerary urn made of 100 % with coffee grounds. Now, our cooperative manufactures two models, for both pets and human remains, with three different types of closure: handcrafted, animal skin and vegan leather, the latter manufactured by Squeeze The Orange.

There are different models of biodegradable and ecological funeral urns on the market, but in no case have urns been found made entirely from food waste. Give a second life to a food waste as widespread worldwide as coffee
represents a very significant environmental improvement, because the life cycle is closed to a waste that in another case would have been incinerated with the consequent emission of CO2 to the environment.

KOFFIE means the creation of a new economically and environmentally sustainable product. Likewise, carries a measurable environmental benefit because it is part of a production process linked to the circular economy and a considerable reduction in CO2 production, applicable to all coffee consuming countries.

The main need for this project arises from the large amount of solid urban waste that is generated due to human activity. Hoy en día, we are beginning to see the environmental consequences, social and economic implications of this increase in waste. At the institutional level, both the European states and the national and regional governments are beginning to toughen laws to favor the use of more environmentally friendly products.

Therefore, the common goal is to move towards the "recycling society", zero residue, term used to refer to the ideal of society to be promulgated, where the reduction of waste is encouraged and, to existing ones, treat them as a new resource.