Spanish families are increasingly opting for cremation service when dismissing a loved one and therefore, undertakers have made in recent 20 years invested heavily to meet this need for families.

Según Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña, presidente de PANASEF, “investment undertakers in this regard round 800 million. Changes in Spanish society are causing a significant increase in cremations and companies have had to adapt to this trend ".

All these data are extracted from the report by PANASEF on existing facilities crematoria in Spain. A document that, for the first time, data is extracted on this issue. “In this study we wanted to conduct a census of crematoria. In this manner, You can access the location and contact details of all furnaces operating in our country through a map created for it ", comenta Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña.

Also, in this report the number of existing crematoria are defined by regions and provinces, comparative plots established between ovens and number of deaths and cremation radiography shown in Europe.

The study, It is available to all the funeral sector and all families through the web of PANASEF,, will be updated constantly as they install new crematoriums.

One in four crematoria is in Andalusia

Andalucía, con 89 ovens, It is the region with more ovens Spain (un 24,5% total). Followed by Catalonia, con 48 and ovens 13,4%; Valencia, con 33 and ovens 9,21% and Madrid, con 28 representing crematoriums 7,8% the national total. At the other end, in La Rioja there are only three furnaces; Cantabria and Navarra, four each and Extremadura and the Balearic Islands, seven.

Barcelona, a total of 44.685 deaths in 2014 and 33 crematoria, Spanish is the province with the highest number of crematoriums. Followed by Madrid, con 28 ovens, Seville, con 19 ovens and Valencia 18. Por el contrario, Provinces with fewer crematoria are Avila, Soria, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Melilla and Segovia 1 crematory in each province.