Spain funeral services support the higher VAT rate across Europe, alone
behind Greece. Por ello, PANASEF (National Association of Funeral Services) will the
work with the current government to try to alleviate this situation are suffering
Spanish families for four years.
Según Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña, presidente de PANASEF, “We took four years
claiming the reduced VAT on such a basic and essential service such as services
funeral. Now that the Spanish political situation has stabilized, and when we read that
other sectors has lowered the rate of VAT, we believe it is time to return to
-in request benefit families- a lowering of VAT on funeral services ".
We recall that the state collects for this item 300 million euros per year and that
also, a little unfair situations occur. In Spain passenger transport is taxed
nd to 10% VAT and transport of the bodies to a 21%. And what is most striking, the
hotel stays are taxed at 10% VAT front stays funeral, that rise
also to a 21%. In the same way, a medical practice is exempt from VAT in Spain,
but if it must be done in a funeral home, also be paid 21%. we ask for a
setting these inconsistencies.
In Europe, Greece and Spain, two countries that have suffered most from the economic crisis, are the
countries with the highest VAT rate in funeral services. They are followed by France and Austria,
with a 20%, Germany, with a 19%, and Malta with 18%.
However, there are other countries that consider the funeral industry as an essential service
for families and are exempt from VAT services. In Italy, Irlanda, Portugal and the United
United, inter alia, funeral services are not taxed VAT