Unicoffin will recreate Tutankamon's sacorphagus in Funermostra

The renowned firm Unicoffin will present in the next edition of Funermostra a reproduction of the famous sacorphagus of Tutankamon. As they point out from this firm, It is a very special commission from an antique collector who contacted this firm to make him something very special for his funeral.: a sacorphagus worthy of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

The sacórgago is an authentic work of art, carved from solid wood and painted in the colors of the time, that has been allowed to age to get cracks for, subsequently, simulate reconstruction. Weighs 120 Kg and is painted in gold simulating the gold that the Egyptians used for the burials of the pharaohs.

Unicoffin will present this sacorphagus in a stand that will simulate a coffin factory and that will be made up of wooden pallets., carts with coffins and different raw materials as well as all stages of production.