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16 editions
International Fair of Products and Funeral
Surface (2019)
4.382 m²
Arcas, Funeral services entities; Insurers; body shops; Funeral printing; funerary items; facilities and thanatopraxy; granite, marble, tombstones and sculptures; crematoria, costumes; floral ornamentation; fittings and upholstery; autopsy tables and refrigerators; chemicals; morgues facilities; private cemeteries; memorial spaces; entities and agencies and computer for funeral services and cemeteries…
Exhibitors (2019)
106 Firms
Exhibitors origin
Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, China, Germany, France, Argentina, Bélgca, USA, Mexico, in addition to Spain

Visitors (2019)
2.418 Professionals.
Visitors origin
Foreign Visitors 44 countries. main: Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, USA, Japan, Glen…
How to get there?

On the website of the bus network, Metro and tram can plan your route to the Feria Valencia.
METRO / tramway

Hotels Funermostra

The following shows the information available hotels in Funermostra. Prices valid for reservations made through:

Viajes El Corte Ingles (Office of the Fair)
Phone: 96 386 15 44 / 96 386 15 45

Transportation Discounts

Funermostra offers discounts on transportation with Renfe and Iberia that can be accessed after registering as a visitor.

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